If I Loved You

Countless times I think about how we would look like if my heart was yours, and yours was mine. I'd imagine sunsets to be less dull and sunrises less sad  ac on blast and 20 slices of pizza for us. Picnics under the rain, stargazing at beaches far away.

I'd secure you when you need a rock, and stay away when you need to do things alone. I will watch you grow in doing what you love and what you want to do. For when you are weak, I know time will be your best friend-your initial go to- but my driving around town can be something you also hold onto.

I may not know if I can be on the same plateau as your successes, but what I can promise is a safe house for your heart, surprise lunches because you always forget to eat, a hug and simple smiles at your service, and to be your crutches during your defeats.

If I loved you, it is without a doubt that I will never leave you. I will take you to random commutes, commence impromptu travels, feed you with a never ending list of the best movies, and drag you to mountain tops even up to ocean reefs just to see your soul filled and free.

Loving you might be the riskiest encounter. It's like running around a highly scaled fence-less bridge made out of frail coal. But truthfully, in you life's reality, I am of no role, because it's an "IF" I loved you.