When The Rain Settles

i was born with a darkness inside
that was brimming with life 
bringing me heartache and strife
when exposed to the rays of sunlight

i took comfort in the glow of the moon
and it only became more painful the
lighter it got, i watched it grow into you

but i couldn’t help but feel attracted to the
fire inside of you, hot yet glowing like the 
moon, i’m floating at the thought of you 

fuck the world and the labels and the 
psychological warfare designed to 
make you feel not enough –

so you can buy more stuff 

we were above that fluff 
but in love we got lost 

there was nothing left of
the iron rage but rust 

volcanoes waiting to erupt 
filled with unspoken words
that could never be expressed
into thoughts

you’ll smell it after a heavy

you’ll feel it when someone 
hugs you a tidbit too hard